Chairman of SEGITTUR

BA in Political Science and Sociology (UCM), Master in Public Administration (Faculty of Advanced Management, Analysis and Assessment, UCM). Expert Diploma in Service Policy and Quality Assessment (National Agency for Quality Assessment – UCM). Master in Leadership and Public Management (UIMP-INAP). Diploma in New Forms of Leadership and Political Transformation (Ibero-American Leadership School, EILx, Goberna).

He has held the following posts, among others:

  • (July 2004) Director of the Telecommunications Observatory for the Information Society at Red.es.
  • Director General of the National Institute of Communications Technologies (INTECO, now INCIBE), attached to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.
  • Executive adviser to the Sub-Secretariat of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.
  • Director of organisation, technological development and risk control of the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP).
  • Board member of the National Postal Sector Commission (CNSP), the body which regulates the postal market.
  • Executive adviser to the Cabinet of SESIAD, coordinator of the National Plan for Smart Cities and the National Plan for Smart Territories.
  • President of the CTN178 of UNE and UNETUR (the UNE committee coordinating the activity of the groups working on tourism standards: ICTE-ITH-Segittur-CTN 178).

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