Director General of RV Edipress

“Best Director of Strategic Communication in Spain” Award in 2018

With a degree in Information Sciences from the Faculty of Journalism and Audiovisual Media from the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain, and as he himself says, Journalist above all and an ardent enthusiast of the Information and Tourism sector, he started his professional career on the radio at the age of 17. Communication and Tourism consultant, as well as an expert in Integral Communication specialising in Tourism and Design of Tourism Strategy and Policy sector, he has spent more than 30 years overseeing the management of major media and conceiving, through his own original projects, some of the most noteworthy headlines of the Spanish publishing world.

Following his experience on the radio waves, he moved across to the written daily press by joining the staff at the El Mundo newspaper. Afterwards, and after his role as Director of Special Supplements for the La Información de Madrid newspaper, and a period at Eurosport TV, Planeta, Diorki Ediciones, Tutor Ediciones and Espasa Calpe, he joined the Publications Department at Diario ABC, heading up the No Limits magazine and collaborating in new publishing projects such as the Arte de Vivir (Art of Living) or Turismo Rural (Rural Tourism) magazines.

In 2002, he created GRUPO RV EDIPRESS, which for the eighth consecutive year is considered to be the Leading Media Agency specialising in the Tourism sector in Spain, and the recipient of awards and tributes ranging from the “Best Spanish Media Agency specialising in the Tourism Sector”, to the “Best Business Trajectory, Projection and Performance”, to the “Best International Promotion of a Destination” – Uruguay.

Currently, he combines his role as CEO of this company with teaching in Universities and schools, and providing personalised consultancy services in tourism promotion, political strategy and communication for businesses and business owners, public and private institutions as well as various Spanish public authorities (regional governments, city halls and municipalities) in addition to foreign government and is the creator and director of the radio programme Miradas Viajeras (Travel Insights), which has been described as “A signature programme with a unique personality, ideal for enjoying the thrill of travel.”

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