Marketing & Cruises Manager for the Port Authority of Valencia

The cornerstones of my professional career are built around communication, knowledge transfer; conception, planning, negotiating, promoting, marketing and managing projects. Following a period in education, my professional career shifted towards foreign relations, as well as institutional and corporate marketing. Throughout my different international phases, I have always faced up to new challenges and have always shown a great deal of flexibility, the skill to learn, persistence and innovation and a heightened sensitivity towards diversity management. These skills have been acquired over a long period of continued specialised academic training, as well as having a natural ability for languages. I have a positive attitude, am open-minded, conscientious and enjoy working as part of a team. What I value most within the work environment is a good working environment and emotional intelligence.

I have a degree in Contemporary Swiss History from the University of Bern and in Italian Language and Literature and Romanic Languages from the “La Sapienza” University in Rome. I also completed a Master’s in “Qualification in Further Education” (University of Berne), in “Intercultural Communication” (University of Lucerne) and in “Port Management and intermodal Transport” (Pontificia Comillas University / ICADE Business School / Valenciaport Foundation).

Over the course of my professional careers, I have had a variety of different roles such as:

  • French and English teacher as part of the “Modern Port Management” UNCTAD – Train for Trade in Djibouti and Ghana.
  • Director of Foreign Relations at Vive Valencia – “Valencia, Estrategia, Promoción e Imágen S. A.”, a public institution
  • Director of the “Mira Suiza” Programme at the Swiss Embassy in Spain
  • President of the “Mira Suiza” Foundation
  • Head of Equality and Gender Issues and Migration at the UNIA, a multi-sectorial trade union in Basil
  • Director of Foreign Relations and Communication at the Swiss Academy of Human and Social Sciences in Berne
  • Spanish, Italian and history teacher at the Interlaken Institute, the Thun Institute, and at the Interlaken Business School in Thun

Presently, I am the representative of the Port Authority of Valencia for the “MEDCRUISE” Association – Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports.

I speak Spanish, German, Italian, English and French with an elementary level of Valencian/Catalan and some rudimentary knowledge of Chinese.

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