Regional MP for the Regional Government of Valencia

She holds a Doctorate in Spanish from the University of Alicante and has worked in a number of different accessibility projects (such as Equally Accessible Campus at Alicante University), and in international projects dealing with this issue. Over the past year, she has worked as Lecturer and Researcher at the Faculty of Education at Alicante University.

She was the first disabled Counsellor at Alicante City Hall for the PSPV in the 2007-2011 legislature. She was the first MP with reduced mobility to be part of the regional parliament.

She is Vice President of the Industry and Trade, Tourism and New Technologies Committee and member of the Social Policy and Employment Committee.

Soler, in a wheelchair due to a physical disability and with a registered disability of 76 %, considers herself to have been “fortunate in many aspects ” and believes that her position is an opportunity to “help others “.

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